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Saturday 16 September 2000

A Remarkable Comeback Sees Athlete Competing at Sydney Olympics

The future looked bleak for Olympic cyclist Glen Thomson last year when he contracted a virus while training in Europe.

As Glen explains "This virus resulted in reactive arthritis which left me unable to ride, train and most importantly unable to compete in the World Championships in Berlin which I had trained for all year".

Reactive arthritis is an uncommon disease that makes joints extremely painful and swollen. It’s "reactive" in that the immune system reacts to an existing infection to cause the condition.

However, in a couple of days time Glen will be lining up against the world’s best when he competes in the Men’s 40km points race at the Sydney Olympics.

Glen staged a remarkable recovery and credits it in part to New Zealand deer velvet dietary supplements. "I believe deer velvet was a key ingredient in my recovery. Within 2 months I was back on my bike and training for Sydney 2000".

In fact a growing number of New Zealanders are using this New Zealand made supplement to support healthy joint function. The mechanism in deer velvet that may support healthy joint function is not known. It may be through an anti-inflammatory effect. One suggestion is growth factors involved with the very rapid growth of velvet could act to prevent leakage of fluids and hence lower swelling.

A completely natural substance, deer velvet has played an important role in traditional Chinese medicine for the past 2000 years.

"There is extensive anecdotal evidence of velvet’s effectiveness" comments MJ Loza, General Manager Marketing at the New Zealand Game Industry Board "and through a joint venture with AgResearch we invest over 1 million dollars per year to find out what it is that makes deer velvet special. In effect, western science is playing a catch up game with what oriental medicine has known for millennia".

Glen has had an excellent build up to the Olympics, and is in the hunt for gold in Sydney – thanks in part to New Zealand deer velvet.

Source: New Zealand Game Industry Board

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