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Triathlon Man Sings Praises of Velvet

WORLD CHAMPION TRIATHLETE and deer velvet convert Hamish Carter joined the Game Industry Board's discussion panel at the Board's Formal General Meeting in Queenstown.

Hamish admitted his early views of deer farming and deer velvet were filtered through Footrot Flats cartoons. He said he is constantly approached by companies wanting him to trial various vitamin supplements, so after years in the sport he had become cynical. But while conceding he didn't really read the literature on velvet, something prompted him to give it a punt anyway.

He's been delighted with the results and is a firm believer in the efficacy of deer velvet combined with hard work.

"The recovery from hard training is amazing," Hamish told delegates. "The velvet seems to block the effects of sore ligaments - it gives me a huge lift."

And Hamish Carter certainly trains hard - usually between 3-5 hours a day in two or three sessions. He has Fridays off, and even then sneaks in a run and a swim to relax.

He said velvet gives him the greatest benefit when he takes it in the morning about an hour before food and well clear of any caffeine. Hamish is building up to the Olympics in September and further out is looking forward to the 'World Triathlon championships in Otago in 2003.

"Ever since I saw John Walker winning gold when I was an 8-year-old I've dreamed of going to the Olympics, Hamish said. Responding to a question, Hamish said he usually takes two 500mg capsules of velvet in the mornings on training days and up to four capsules on race days. Invermay's Jimmy Suttie said there was anecdotal evidence that a dose of around 1.5g/day was a good level, but more formal work needed doing on dose response trials.

Source: Stagline, Official Newsletter of the New Zealand Deer Farmers Association. Issue 24 June 2000, p16.

Other Testimonials

Bob Charles

World Champion Veteran Golfer

At the British Open several years ago he stated that healthy eating habits and vitamins, and two deer velvet tablets a day kept him feeling young.

"I don't feel a day over thirty. I am sixty going on thirty".

Dominion Newspaper

Justin Rys

IFBB Heavyweight and Overall Mr New Zealand Bodybuilding Champion 1999.

Justin is one of New Zealand's most promising bodybuilding athletes. He is the youngest ever overall Mr New Zealand and is a medal prospect at the upcoming World Bodybuilding Champs in Malaysia. "I found the velvet antler gave me added endurance and strength during the hard dieting and training period before my competitions. Velvet antler was the added edge that helped me get into the best shape of my life and take out the National title".

"Taking velvet antler resulted in quicker recovery from training. I felt much more on top of my hard training and dieting schedule. This gave me added confidence when competing. I was a skeptic at first about the differences, but trying to do without velvet antler for a while convinced me. I have been taking 1500 mg of velvet daily for 6 months and believe it helped in giving me the competitive edge on the day at the National Bodybuilding Champs. I would recommend using velvet antler to anyone serious about their sport."

Email Justin at bigj@paradise.net.nz

Some of New Zealand’s top athletes have been using deer velvet antler with great results. It is used by:

Malcolm McDonald

Malcolm is a New Zealand representative Surf lifesaver. Since Malcolm's 9th placing in the beach sprint at the 1998 World Champs he has started to take Velvet and reports an increase in training performance to date.

Allan Sinclair

A veteran Ashburton marathon runner Allan has been taking on New Zealand's best, and winning. Allan's major goal is the world veteran games in 2001, and with the assistance of Velvet Allan notes his recovery from both racing and training has improved.

Debbie Nelson

Debbie is an accomplished New Zealand duathlete who has been taking New Zealand Deer Velvet since January 1999. Having achieved her goal of winning the World Long Course Duathlon Champs since using New Zealand Deer Velvet, New Zealand Deer Velvet has now become an integral part of her preparation.

Dean Jagusch

Dean started his international sporting career playing waterpolo, but from there has become a top New Zealand Professional Triathlete. Dean attained 5th place in the USTS 1999 Isuzu Pro Tour and is only getting better!

Hamish Carter

World No1 Ranked Triathlete 1999. Hamish is one of NZ's best medal prospects for the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. He uses deer velvet as an important part of his training programme and credits it as a factor in his success.

Nick Tongue

Nick was in the NZ Relay team that broke the NZ record at the Canadian Commonwealth Games in Victoria, before going on to compete at the Olympics in Atlanta. NZ Deer velvet, as a dietary supplement, has been a part of his training programme.

Jo Steed

Jo has been a stalwart of Champion Otago Netball Team and a regular in NZ sides. Her sporting career was almost cut short by debillitating shin splints. The injury limited training and only allowed her to play half games. Jo used deer velvet not only as a sports dietary supplement but also as part of her injury recovery program.

Janene Harker

NZ Representative Judo, Water Polo and Surf Life Saving. World Champion Women’s Wave Ski 96-98. Janene has achieved a rare feat, NZ representative in three codes. She is based in Australia to better train to defend her world title and consequently does not receive the recognition she probably deserves. By anyone's standards, Janene's schedule is a hectic one. She uses NZ Deer Velvet to keep on top of it all.

But velvet is not just for top athletes. Thousands of ordinary people use velvet for a wide range of reasons.

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